First week in Haïti for our volunteers!

08/12/2015 | Yannick Daoudi

Défi InspirAction 2015

Our first week in Haïti has been incredible. We have learnt to take the time, the time to appreciate the smiles of children, the time to take a break, the time to eat together, the time to experience the mystery of Haitian punctuality, the time to be patient.
Whether it is at the school “La Philanthropie” or in the community of Anatoth, the authentic relationships with the children remind us of the reason of our presence here.
In one week, we have already experienced Heaven and Hell in Haïti, from the breathtaking mountainous landscapes, such as Sodo, the sacred voodoo waterfall, to the chaos of urban life where misery is so widespread it almost seems normal.
The heat is intense yet feels comforting, just like the delicious creole food prepared by Aline, our charming cook. Sweat drips from our bodies any time of day, but don’t worry moms and dads, we don’t forget the sunscreen and the water bottles.
That’s it for now! Check back in a week for an update!
- Bernard, Gabrielle, Nicolas, Rosie, Shannel, Vanessa and Yannick xox