Our concrete results in 2023

01/01/2024 | Yannick Daoudi

2023-04 eleves 1

The violence that has been raging in Haiti for almost 3 years now has caused a large part of our community to flee to safer areas. Despite this sad new reality, our team on the ground has continued its mission at its own risk. They did what was necessary to provide the quality education promised to every child who showed up at our door. As a result, we managed to complete the 2022-2023 academic year for some forty of them. Given the security situation is not improving, we still don’t know what this year will bring, but your support is more important than ever and we remain enormously proud of the students, teachers and our dear director Nelcame, who continue to hold out under unimaginable conditions.

Your generosity and the involvement of our volunteers enabled us to raise over $11,000 this year! We used 100% of the donations received for infrastructure maintenance and renovation, including a major project to rebuild the school’s exterior walls. Two of you also generously sponsored two of our most vulnerable students. Your ongoing support has enabled them to pursue their education, even though one of them had to leave the school during the year. Thank you.

We’ve got great news for all our regular donors: we’ve officially become a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency this year! From now on, we’ll send you an official receipt entitling you to a tax deduction or credit on your income tax return for all donations made annually.

Thank you again for your precious support!