Our concrete results in 2016

11/08/2016 | Yannick Daoudi

Personnel et élèves

We are proud to announce that our fifth school year in a row started this October in our beautiful primary school in Haiti! We have about 70 students and 8 full-time employees!

Thanks to your donations and the involvement of our dedicated volunteers, we have raised close to $18,000 this year! We used 100% of the donations received to:
1. Complete the construction of the foundations for a 2-story building which will eventually hold 8 classrooms
2. Build a hallway along the administration building with a waiting area for parents
3. Build a new separate entrance which allows a better control of entries and exits
4. Repainted the exterior wall of the school
5. Did various renovation, repair and improvement work on the existing infrastructure

Furthermore, 9 volunteers from the eastern townships took part, at their own expense, in a humanitarian trip to Haiti, where they assisted our teachers in the classrooms (a first!) as well as organize activities with the kids.

In 2017, we will focus on starting the construction of new classrooms for the 2-story building. Our goal next year is $20,000.