Our concrete results in 2015

11/10/2015 | Yannick Daoudi


We are proud to announce that our fourth school year in a row started this October in our beautiful little school in Haiti! We have 70 students and 8 full-time employees!
Thanks to your donations and the involvement of our dedicated volunteers, we have raised over $20,000 this year! We used 100% of the funds received to:

  1. Complete the construction and paint the new sanitary block
  2. Build an additional permanent classroom
  3. Complete the reconstruction of the perimeter wall
  4. Secure the perimeter wall
  5. Build solid foundations for 4 new classrooms
  6. Connect the school the electrical grid
  7. Furnish and repair of school furniture
  8. Install a water distribution system for the community

This year, nine volunteers, mostly from the eastern townships, also took part in international cooperation projects at their own expense, 7 in Haiti and 2 in Ghana.
Thank you to all!