A fourth successful trip to Haïti comes to an end!

08/20/2015 | Yannick Daoudi

Défi InspirAction 2015 2

From an overgrown field of shrubs and thorns, have emerged flowers, classrooms, smiles and access to education for the next generation of Haitians. This project which may have seemed crazy at first, has had, as its only fertilizers, will, faith and love. The education we wish to provide the children of Croix-des-bouquets is more than grammar or geometry lessons, it is a weapon, the most powerful weapon in the world as Mandela once said. Indeed, the most powerful weapons are those we can share. If two people share 10$ in equal parts, they each receive 5$, but if two people share knowledge, they both see their wealth of knowledge grow. That is what makes us believe so deeply in InspirAction’s project here. What better way to give us hope in a better future than the smile of a child who has the opportunity to learn, to discover and to grow up in an environment which allows him or her to blossom. Just like the thorns that once covered the school grounds, the challenges of the first years have not hindered our resolve. On the opposite, they have become a symbol of our strength.
We persevere to invest ourselves in this project because we know that one day, the will to continue what we helped start will be shared by young Haitians in the community. And on this day, where Haïtian hands will completely hold this project together, there will always remain the love shared within the walls of our beautiful school.

- Bernard, Gabrielle, Nicolas, Rosie, Shannel, Vanessa and Yannick